Copy Builder Review – High Quality Templates To Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns

By | July 29, 2015

Copy Builder – High Quality Templates To Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns

Copy Builder is a The easiest and fastest way to Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns Even If You’ve Failed In The Past. Copy Builder is a brand new software was developed by Alex C. Copy Builder  templates is  specially formulated from the most successful sales copy in history so you KNOW it will convert with certainty, you’ll have your sales material in minutes and you’ll NEVER need to pay any copywriter anymore. Get Your CopyBuilder PRO Kit, including The VSL Framework, Facebook Retargeting Framework, Long Form Video Sales Video Framework and the Webinar Registration Page Framework NOW for just. Instantly Get CopyBuilder To A Whole New Level !!!.

When we released CopyBuilder BETA few days ago most customers requested a SPECIAL FRAMEWORK for webinar registration pages exactly like the ones we use in our own business. That’s why we’re also giving you unlimited variations of our best performing webinar registration pages. Special available to all pro buyers. Now you can triple Your CopyBuilder.

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Copy Builder – Powerful Software To Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns

Copy Builder Includes :

  • Picture an elite Copywriter crafting each and every line of your sales page.
  • That’s what the Sales Page Framework is, but without the expense, time, and hassle of dealing with a copywriter.
  • Don’t worry about what to say… Don’t worry about what comes next… Don’t worry about calls to action…
  • Don’t worry about benefits… Just plug key info about your specific product into the Sales Page Framework and your top-converting copy will be created for you in seconds.


  • Raise value, get fans/followers/subscribers, and pre-sell ALL at the same time with done-for-you explainer video scripts.
  • These normally take work and some sort of expertise in an area, which is why only top marketers use them.
  • Now YOU’LL be one of the top marketers, even if you have no experience, because these Explainer Videos will do it all for you.


  • Everything you need to come up with headline packages that hook readers, get them glued to your sales page, and get them EAGER TO BUY.
  • If you’ve EVER STRUGGLED with a headline, then you simply need to see the power and elegance of the headlines framework… and get excited, because you’re never going to stress over writing a headline again.


  • Tap into the world’s most successful Facebook ads, and have them generated to sell whatever you want!
  • Forget the months and hundreds of dollars you typically have to invest into testing, and harness the power to generate INFINITE profitable Facebook ads in minutes.
  • If you’ve been unsuccessful with Facebook ads, or if you’ve been afraid to try them, I know this will be a game changer for you.


  • Did you know that most people will scroll right to the bullet points on a sales page?
  • If they’re not written with the greatest care, you’ll lose.
  • But with this framework, stellar bullet points will be created for you FOR LIFE. .


  • Finally, you can take any freebie that you have on your hard drive, create a lead capture page that promotes
  • it in about 5 minutes flat, and feast your eyes on 80% conversion rates and 500 subscribers a day!
  • …and do it ALL with more ease than ever before.
  • No more hundreds of dollars invested into A/B split testing. Create effective landing pages like the experts and build a HUGE list of subscribers in a matter of days …


  • 400 Facebook Ad graphics that have been PROVEN to drive massive clicks, and that are 100% FB approved and in line with the Terms of Service.
  • Combine these with the Facebook Ad Framework ads that Copybuilder will create for you for your best performing ads ever.


  • On August 6th I’ll put you in a room with some of the best Copywriters in the industry. Here, we’ll show you how to use CopyBuilder as well as all the bonuses that follow to Create a $1k per DAY revenue stream!
  • Bonus call will be recorded – and you’ll get a replay in the members area on Wednesday!


  • This infographic will have you producing any type of COMMERCIAL GRADE copy ( videos, webinars, mail, letters, flyers, and any other type of copy … ) quickly even if you have no experience on selling or marketing!

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Copy Builder – Powerful Software To Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns

Copy Builder Review

Copy Builder Review

1. VSL Framework

  • Create video sales letters that are PROVEN to Double or even TRIPLE your conversion-rates instantly!
  • That’s Right ! We help you do what no other website does. Writing high converting VSL copy wasn’t possible till CopyBuilder PRO came along.
  • Imagine knowing you can create a VSL page in under 10 minutes when most marketers in your niche invest weeks and thousands of dollars to produce theirs.

2 – Long Form Sales Video Framework

  • With CopyBuilder PRO You can build hyper-engaging sales video scripts Exactly Like Ours and Other Top Marketers Across ALL Niche Markets.
  • Other similar platforms will charge you a monthly fee of up to $97 for a similar service. WIth this limited special you can now start creating proven sales videos for a one time fee!

3. Facebook Retargeting Framework

  • Means that you can now write PRO level facebook retargeting ads as well. Easily increase your ROI by up to 325% by using our push button facebook domination Framework .
  • All you have to do is import this unique framework inside Copy Builder and start making money!

4. Webinar Registration Page Framework

  • The big players in the marketing industry (Million Dollar Earners and ABOVE) are all using webinars and for one important reason:
  • They add hundreds – even thousands! – of extra dollars to your bottom line. So no matter what you’re selling online ..

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Copy Builder – Powerful Software To Add An Extra $60.000+ Per Month To Your CopyBuilder Campaigns

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